The Squad (so far)

Gaia Stucky de Quay

Hi, I’m Gaia (she/her). I’m a Reginald A. Daly Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, and will be starting as an Assistant Professor at MIT from 2023. I’m currently prepping to get my new research group started (2023+). In general, I’m interested in why landscapes look the way they do. I’ve looked at channels buried below the seabed, waterfalls in Iceland, and lakes on Mars — but I’m always looking for new places to explore!

Future members

As you may have noticed, my group needs some group members! Have a look around and see if you find any projects interesting, and that you would like to work on too. If the idea of joining this group sounds interesting to you, please reach out! There may be opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs to start from Fall 2023.