Hello there! Welcome to the Gaia Lab.

Our primary research focus is on understanding the driving forces behind the formation, evolution, and decay of Solar System surfaces. In particular, we investigate the coupled interactions between climate, erosion, and tectonics recorded in landscapes at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Find out more below!

What we do, and why

Have you ever looked at a landscape and thought, “Wow, that looks cool. How did that happen“? Then welcome to the club (if not, that’s okay). From your backyard to faraway moons, river systems dictate how surfaces evolve over geological time.

Press play to hear some sweet river sounds. You won’t regret it!

Probing the Surface

Check out the research topics we are curious about, and what questions keep us up at night.

A short video on our work on lake outflows on Mars.

Discover published work

From the laptop screen to the field, learn about our most recent contributions.

Here’s a Twitter and Blog sneak peak:

Excited about the great outdoors?

So are we too! We travel all over the globe to find interesting and unique places to answer questions about how and why landscapes look the way they do. See where we’ve been around the world:

There’s lots more to explore!

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Learn about Us

Find out who is in our team so far. Spoiler alert, it’s just me… but that can change!

Download some Data

Looking for anything in particular? I’ve added some links and access to our data, codes, etc.

In the News

Here you’ll find key media pieces that showcased our work for the general public.

Oh, and just as a reminder –

It’s not all about the science!

Who doesn’t some science-themed art? Check out some of my featured creative projects and remember to check back for any new additions.