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– 2022 –

  • “Back in days of great floods”

    by Juan Siliezar

  • “NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week”

    by Associated Press

  • “”Details” with Andrey Derkach – February 5″ (1:25 min)

    by Andrey Derkach

– 2021 –

  • “The deepest canyons on Mars were rapidly formed by devastating floods”

    by Leah Crane

  • “Catastrophic floods helped shape the unique landscape on Mars”

    by Kate Baggaley

  • “Mars’ Surface Shaped by Fast and Furious Floods from Overflowing Craters”

    by Monica Kortsha

– 2020 –

  • “A Blue ‘Red Planet?’ Rain and snow storms may have soaked the Martian surface, say scientists”

    by Jamie Carter

  • “Rivers used to flow and it rained on Mars” (Translated from Russian)

    by Sergei Dogotar & Alexey Gorbachev

  • “Sustained Planetwide Storms May Have Filled Lakes, Rivers on Ancient Mars”

    by Anton Caputo

– 2019 –

  • “Rivers may have flowed on Mars for longer than anyone realized”

    by Maya Wei-Haas

  • “Photos reveal the recent rivers that ran across Mars

    by Ashley Stickland

  • “Mars used to have massive flowing rivers twice as wide as Earth’s”

    by Yvaine Ye